ETL504 Role Of TL Blog

ETL 504 Role of TL


What are your thoughts now on leadership and the role of the TL?

How does what I’ve been learning relate to my role?



Qualified teacher librarians who are passionate about their role are the richest resource in the learning centre. The library should be seen as an expansion of the classroom, a teaching and learning centre, an integral part of the school.

The ASLA (2013) helps us to clearly define the following characteristics of an excellent teacher librarian. They are:

–          Valuable curriculum knowledge and pedagogy

–          Knowledgeable in library and information management skills

–          Supportive and help implement the vision of their school communities through advocating and building effective library


–          Contributors to the development of lifelong learners

–          A leader within the school community

–          Creatively and confidently building effective learning environments

–          Building and fostering collaborative teams within school and professional communities

Teacher librarians are responsible for education and resourcing. They are managers and educators. Throughout this course I have realised the importance of all aspects of the teacher librarian role. Both aspects require commitment and careful planning and strategic implementation to offer a quality library service.


Teacher librarians as educators are information specialists, experts in resourcing the curriculum for its users. Collaboration with classroom teachers and staff is essential to develop a library suited to its users and to provide a quality teaching and learning program geared for 21st Century learning.


Teacher librarians as managers are data collectors, analysers and shoppers- purchasing resources to compliment a carefully considered library collection. Collaboration with teachers and staff is essential in developing a collection suited to its clients.


This course has opened my eyes to the varied roles and expectations of a teacher librarian. Lots of the information I have learnt along the way helped me considerably in my TARS meeting with my school principal recently!




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