ETL401 Topic 2 Forum Posting

What sort of role do I see myself fulfilling as Teacher Librarian?

Is this a realistic expectation?

At present I feel my school library is used as a storage place for resources for teachers and a place where children visit to read for pleasure and borrow books to take home, so in that way it fits with the description Thomas Frey gave about old school libraries being storehouses. I am new to my school as the teacher librarian and I have been re-establishing the library as ‘the hub of the school’.  My role has ultimately been all about improving the whole library experience for the students and teachers whilst establishing a reading culture across the school. I promote literature and reading and collaborate with teachers about their curriculum needs. Purcell (2010) discussed TLs being ‘instructional partners’, helping teachers develop the curriculum further. The teaching side of my role is I teach each class once a week for an hour while the teacher has RFF time.  I teach units of work about Health, Magnets or whatever. There are no computers in my library but I do have an interactive whiteboard. In the future I am looking forward to developing the library information literacy policy and implementing the guided inquiry learning process more fully. I agree with Lamb (2011) when he referred to our TL role as being complex and demanding, keeping student achievement as the main purpose. This is the foundation where we set goals for our libraries. Valenza (2010) referred to our libraries as ‘growing organisms’ that have growing collections and growing patron use.  Hopefully in the future my library will be ‘transformed from a warehouse of books and equipment into the hub of the learning community.’  (Purcell 2010)


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